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Welcome to the T/A Tavern, owned and operated by Intoxicologist Chris Reynolds.  That's T/A, as in Trans Am, in case you were wondering... J The Tavern is nestled away in a far corner of our family room, so viewing and tasting is by invitation only.  We have several parties each year for various occasions, the most notable being Chris' birthday and Halloween.  2008 will bring the 13th Annual Halloween Bash, an event that you sure don't want to miss.  Invites will go out in early October.  If you don't get one, check eBay as I'm sure scalpers will be trying to make a buck as usual.  Chris' birthday celebration on April 19 was a great time for all as friends stopped by to reminisce of times past over a few (or many!) beverages.  Since some of our friends in attendance will surely want to run for office in the future, the tavern photo and video galleries are in a restricted area of the site.  E-mail Chris for the password to unlock those memories that are foggy, or that you thought were gone forever.  Chris will entertain removal of individual pictures for a nominal fee...  Also, be sure to check out the main site for many more pictures from these parties that did not need to be secured, or wouldn't make Chris much money through blackmail.