New Snap On tool box, part numbers KRL7002APHR & KRL1201APHR, $10,000. What a bargain! Click to enlarge. firebird_open.jpg (117285 bytes)
These are the pictures of the backside of the new 17x8 Eagle 211 Wheels. These have a 5" offset. The first two pictures are with the wheel cut all the way to the left and right. There is about an inch between the wheel and the A-Arm when turned all the way to the right. The next shows the small distance from the tire to the front edge of the front left fender, and the last picture is of the rear left. 69 Wheel 003.jpg (43596 bytes) 69 Wheel 016.jpg (61885 bytes) 69 Wheel 018.jpg (46615 bytes) 69 Wheel 020.jpg (59880 bytes)
 Check out Santa's new sleigh!
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